A Community activity for the Commons


Just try this out as a community activity where you could mark the important places for Commons, Public Spaces, Resources,etc which encourages Community Participation, TeamWork, Collaboration,etc.

For more details :-


@Balvis could you update about our 2017 Mapathon here?


Update -

Any activity relating to Commons is interesting when we try it out as a community. Yes, We at FSFTN have conducted a Mapjam Activity in the name of OSM Geo Awareness Week - FSFTN Mapathon 2017 and you can find more details here

Participants will register for the Mapathon and will contribute to OSM for a whole week primarily using StreetComplete. We had around 40+ Contributor and more than 15000 Edits to OpenStreetMap. The event is considered as a success in terms of Contribution and volunteer engagement. Contribution have come from all over Tamilnadu.

These activities and experiments have to be converted into a strong movement building activity by educating the volunteers and participants in terms of why it is important and it builds a transition from Contribution to Activism.

Let’s join together in building and strengthening the Commons :muscle: :heart:

FSFTN Mapathon - OSM Geo Week in Tamil Nadu

The total count actually scales to nearly 20000+. Given the short span of days (5 days), I consider this count as a significant one. If quantity scale is one improvement, I think, we should now consider quality improvements.

As commoners, we should try to read and understand the guidelines of OSM and in certain cases, we should also be able to propose certain new guidelines or modify guidelines to see fit.


It is time to move to the next phase. :smiley: planning, caking, mapping and validation process has to be learnt and acted on.