A Community project for tickets in Tamil


//Several of us are outraged that the Indian Railways says that their
software cannot print railway tickets in languages other than English
and Hindi. So, we are planning an open source project to scan the QR
code from train ticket and print the ticket in English and any other
language chosen by the user including all Indian languages and probably
any other language in the world. This should show to the Indian
government it is really not that difficult and it only requires a desire
to serve the customers. This is an invitation to software developers
to join this effort. We will need to implement this as
WIndows/Linux/Mac desktop software, Online software that can generate a
printable ticket with PDF, Android/iOS App. Those who are interested
can send me a message on the FB messenger with their email address.
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Help material

Shall we as a community take up this project and try to finish it before the SFD :wink:


First, we need a glossary containing English to Tamil translations. Also, we need sample QR codes from people. They should understand that the QR codes will reveal sensitive information about the passengers.