A New Mode of Production for the Local Economy - DGML


Read a document regarding the New model of Production for the Local Economy. It explains a concept called DG-ML (Design Global - Manufacture Local). The document talks about the experiences of Cooperative communities in France, their functioning, and goals.

  • Lā€™Altiers Paysan (A Farmers Cooperative)
  • Farm Hack

Paysan is a farmers cooperative where the group initially started with building tools for farming, documenting the design and sharing it with other farmers. They trained the other farmers in the nearby region and together they formed a cooperative community. It operates a non-profit group where the profits are not reinvested and are utilized for other community purposes. The advantage of shareholders is that they could take part in decisions making of the cooperative. Simply, it operates through producing tools and making the design available in Creative Commons, training people on how to use the tools and growing the organization along with it.

The next is Farm Hack. It is a coordinated group of Farmers, Techies, etc to organize, hack, create and training tools for Farmers, It operated crowd-funding, income through training classes, workshops, etc. Follows somewhat similar approach as that of Paysan.

These are successfully running models based on Peer production, Commons utilization. To keep it away from Corporates taking over it, Copyfair licenses must be strictly applied so as those derivatives will also stay in the same manner.


CBPP(Commons based peer production) + adapting DGML(learn/design/think global make /act local) + community cooperatives + suitable licenses => decent commons production, distribution platform.

@Balvis thanks for sharing and kindling the conceptual framework with pragmatic case studiesā€¦ meet u soon :smiley: