A question from a curious new Member


Hi, I’m Goutham, I have been working on Linux for three years. So I know a little about Dennis M Ritchie, Richard M Stallman and Linus Torvalds.

Also, I support and want people to use free software products. Also would like the users to have control over a product.

Casual googling about FSF on RMS’s birthday took me to this very website.

I’m just curious about the members in here.

How did you guys come to know about FSF ?
also please explain (if you may) the impact/experience you had with Free software products.

(If a similar question is already posted pls comment the link.)


Hi Goutham,
Good to hear that you have been working on Linux for few years. As an organisation we focus on,

  • Strengthening the FOSS Communities
  • Build GLUGs in Colleges and Regions around TN
  • Build projects using our Volunteer and license it appropriately
  • Share Knowledge in the form of GLUGs and Meetups

Coming to the point of our relationship with FSF,

  • We are in no way associated with Free Software Foundation (FSF) or Free Software Foundation of India (FSFI) expect to share common perspectives
  • We are a part of Free Software Movement of India (FSMI)

We focus more on Communities, GLUGs, Projects, Policy level discussions related to Free Software around TN.

Feel Free to Join Us - https://fsftn.org/blog/contact/


Welcome to the community :wink: As @Balvis has correctly pointed out above, we are TamilNadu chapter for Free Software Movement of India (http://fsmi.in/#member-organisations). FSMI has presence in various states of India through it’s local chapters. One such chapter here in Tamilnadu is FSFTN. GLUGs (GNU/Linux Users Group) are the fundamental units of FSFTN.

Even though named as GLUGs, GLUGs focus is not restricted to just GNU/Linux alone but the entire ecosystem of Free Software and it’s principles.

On top of it today as a organization FSMI itself has recognized that the challenge in defending user’s freedom in digital realm is not only about using Free Software but also about putting up a huge resistance towards data commodification, privacy violation, mass surveillance, censorship, etc.,

As a result of which various other ideas to build and experiment alternatives have evolved like Mesh-networks and other commons related initiatives.

Take your time, browse through our forum and website and jump in wherever you seem you fit and have interest to contribute to. Once again welcome back :+1: