About the Internet Connectivity category


We believe this would be the most accessed category in our discussion site.

Internet has become a basic necessity to live, connect, communicate and share / exchange information from anywhere around the world.

We do engage with local communities, participate in discussions via mailing list, socialize online, shop online over the Internet. This is just an small tip of an iceberg when it comes to global network. There exists a huge network which aren’t exposed to the world outside which is said to be the “Dark network”.

While we are connected with our friends online over an Video call or an Text chat or any mode of communication, all we are worried about is the Speed and the Bandwidth of the Internet connection from the Internet Service Provider (like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, etc.,). Well, agreed, that’s the basic concern, and at the same time what we will never think about is “The Software or the tool that we are using to communicate”.

If you are using any Proprietary Software, then you are not secured as they promise (wait, they don’t even promise that). As users, we put our trust in those software and begin to use, they take that advantageous and from that point We the users lose the control over our data and privacy, because we cannot tell “What that software is doing with our data?”

It may look like it helps us connect with our friends by delevering data to and fro on the Internet. But wait, here is what we need to think. It actually does that, but also it can deliver our data to someone else too (for example if NSA wanted to listen to the data like what they did with Skype). We may not even know that because the Source Code for that software is not available anywhere to take a look in what it is doing, even though we may not understand the code, now the possibility of someone else helps us understanding the code is also closed, since it’s source code is closed.

That is why the Free Software has got a vital scope on Internet connectivity compared to standalone softwares that doesn’t require Internet connection to function. Free Software along with decentralized architecture and strong cryptographic techniques is what makes our communication really one-to-one and safer in this huge network.

This category will help you find a number of Free Software tools that helps you use the Internet ensuring your privacy and security.