Adding a license for

#1 has been up for a while.

Under what license does the data present there come? If there is no license yet, we need to consider adding an appropriate license. In which case, what options do we consider?


We can do two things.

1.We can let the uploaders choose the license for their stream, like how Gitlab (or) Github allows people to choose a license for their free software projects and
2. We can choose a default license if the uploader fails to mention their license.

We need to decide on what license should be set as default.


Default license in the sense. We gonna create a license? Or cc


Creative Commons or Gnu document licence may not be suitable for a database.

There is one Open Data Commons license , but we have to sit down and derive a custom license from it as there are few points that are bit vague.
We can re-write their license and re-release it.

Edit: Actually there is only one project that is posting the data there, so such a tedious task of rewriting the license may not be the need of the hour.


Please find what license, their license is under; I do not see any information about this in their webpage.


You can go here , where they have their terms of Use . which redirects us to a meta page . Blingo … We have their license terms

Source code available under the MIT license.
Content on this site, made by Open Knowledge International, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Refer to our attributions page for attributions of other work on the site.


You mean the one project that is on


I noticed that. But they say, “Content on this site”.
We have to get an explicit notice that the same terms applies to


We can mail them saying about this


Consider it done.

( … )