An umbrella term for all digitally freedom contributions


What could be the right umbrella term that can used that could include Free Software, Hardware, Open Access, Knowledge Commons. This includes contribution or evangelism of the same too

I was thinking of the word Digital Freedom.
Your thoughts.?

PS : I know this is not a greatly framed question, but I suppose the question is understandable .


Freedom is a broad term.
Digital is a term that describes the historical region in the evolution of technology.

An umbrella term is usually underpinned with the philosophical statements, theories, principles.

Here umbrella terms refers to the RANGE of theory & practice that sticks to Freedom, Transparency, Liberty, Responsibility, Propagation, Distribution, Sharing.

It is true that evolution in science/technology brings the new possibilities which are not possible before. Thus it could be seen as an ever expanding sphere that grows towards the above listed Range of principles.

Just stating digital means it may convey not analog or not numerical… am i right ? (i mean the term is not objective - while “Freedom” is an objective term)… So the term “Digital Freedom” connects a subjective collective term to a objective term.

Let us ask ourselves :slightly_smiling:

What is the common thing we share ? :wink:
Not digital, not analog, not programming, not documentation, not evangelism.
But it is Sharing.

What are we? :wink:
We are bunch of individuals who take our Interests & Hobby seriously which is the Passion.
Some of us also transform our Passion into Profession.
Some of us constantly battles between Passion and Profession.
Generally we are diverse minded.
We like to put to use our skill towards spear heading of Freedom based principles.
We are in constant battle between Individual & Society & Systems.