Autonomous drone for constructive purpose


If you might have watched Interstellar movie, you can get the point of the above image.

Indian drone flying autonomously for a long period with renewable energy for a constructive purpose.

to achieve that, the best starting point can be arducopter

More info can be found at Do It Yourself Drone Community

Are you interested?


yup. We could make a ArduCoptor.


Do also consider the very powerful Linux based autopilot system from The Paparazzi Project.


Can I join u ??? guys.

Unfortunately, Union of India just this month restricted usage of civil drones… even for hobby purpose. They are so much frightened to empower people and always confuse ignorant minds by appending examples of terrorism with it.


can you point me to the source?


I have read it in newspaper and here :

@samdraz, i accept there is error in my post. I apologize for that. !. I thought it concerns drone hobbyists. Thus i posted it.