BBC Documentary - Inside the Dark Web


Came across an excellent documentary from BBC titled ‘Inside the dark web’. A lot of topics were discussed on it like Mass Surveillance, User Privacy, Tor, Bitcoin, Cryptography and Dark web. Things were shown from an activists perspective and that of a government perspective so that we get to know the views of all the parties and avoid any biased approach.

People like David Chaum, Tim Berners Lee, Julian Assange, Jacob Applebaum and many others people from law enforcements and technical community shared their views on the above mentioned topics which gave a better insight on the current status of the internet and people connected to it.

There was a nice compilation of information (especially from activists) and a small introduction was given on every topic followed by the explanation, rather than just jumping right into it. When I was watching it, I could recall some of the instances mentioned in the book ‘Freedom and Future of the Internet’ by Julian Assange. The whole documentary was like an overview or introduction and further reading is advised to get a better understanding rather than jumping into any conclusion.

The video is available on youtube and have a look at it when you find time.


For people who would like to watch it, here is the link .


This documentary was trending on Hacker news 3 months back. We shared this in our mailing list and social accounts as well. If you haven’t watched it yet. Give it a try.

And few days back a new documentary based on Edward Snowden titled “Citizen Four” was released. Need to watch that too.