BigBlueButton as alternative to Zoom videoconferencing


Hi Friends,

All of us are aware of the issues with propitiatory platforms like Zoom for videoconferencing. I also saw the wonderful video about Jitsi by Uma from FSFTN:

While I have been using Jitsi and it works great for small groups especially for informal conversations, there are several limitations with Jitsi. Video call quality degrades when we have a large number of users. Also, it does not have features like breakout rooms. So, I was searching online for alternatives and came across this one:

It is released in GNU Lesser GPL which is a free license. It also has features like breakout rooms, whiteboard, etc. I am wondering if it is an acceptable alternative to Zoom. Has anyone used this software? Would you know how much would professional support cost (from what I can see the distributors don’t provide professional support, but third parties do).

It will be really helpful to me if any of you can share your knowledge or experience about BigBlueButton or any other free videoconferencing software with features like breakout rooms and whiteboard.



Yes we have always known about BBB even before this sudden surge in search for conferencing platforms.
But the problem with self hosting service, is that it demands scaling with more people participation, and thus it cries for basically dedicated community support both financially and technologically.

With community/movement having several other functions to do, it becomes overwhelming to do everything. That is where FOSS based startups or Coops had to emerge to consider it as opportunity to setup the service and offer it for reasonable cost.

I believe a few service will be available soon.


hi Friends,

I am happy to share that Libre Talks series is now being hosted on BigBlueButton with the support of Chiguru. I spoke about gender. I am sharing the recording here so you can get an idea of how really convenient and useful it is to do these programs in BigBlueButton:

Peertube Link:


For the next few weeks Libre Talks plans to engage with topics of gender and sexuality. There are plans to do more talks on other topics and in our own languages (Tamil, Kannada, etc.) as well. Here is the invitation for the upcoming program this Saturday:


Hey folks,

Libre Talks team is happy to announce next talk in the series of “Gender , Sex and Sexuality”.

Topic: “Introduction to Asexuality.”

Speaker: Pushpa

Associate Director, Solidarity Foundation

Puspha is asexual & gender fluid - moved from writing software programs to people’s stories in 2009 after 14 years in the IT industry. Currently, Associate Director, Solidarity Foundation (

Date - 29/08/2020 (Saturday)

Time - 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Join us at -

If you are interested, you are most welcome to join.

I am sharing this with the idea that this will give us some ideas of using free platforms like BigBlueButton and Jitsi for discussions not only discussions on free software but also other social issues and for education and awareness programs. I would love to hear your views on this.