Blender Workshop at IIT-M Shaastra


Hello everyone!

FSFTN organised a workshop on Blender, the free and open source 3D content creation tool, at IIT Chennai as part of the ongoing Shaastra 2016 event. The event was conducted by Shri Ram and Vignesh Krishnan. The various Open Movies created using Blender were screened to kindle the interest of the participants. Then, a brief introduction on the UI was given followed by a hands-on modelling session by Shri Ram in which the participants were walked through the process of creating a paper-cup Owl. Once they finished the artwork, a brief overview of Motion tracking and 3D Animation was given by Vignesh.

To test how much they had understood the class, the students were given 1 hour time and were asked to create anything they wished. The results were simply astounding. Some of them had even created minecraft figures, Steam Engines and old motion picture cameras. Finally, a cash prize of 5000 rupees was distributed among the top four participants to encourage them furthermore to learn the tool.