Brands like FairPhone


Do we have any phones available in Indian market like FairPhone?
It can be easily repairable, more eco friendly than market driven products, using Open Source OS

An video environmental impact on phones:


@balan several of us are exploring such combinations for years now. Fairphone is definitely a globally respectful project as well as product for many hackers, developers, designers who embraces progressive ecology, economy as well as culture.

I also want to notify a project called “Blood Gadgets” rhyming with the movie called as “Blood Diamonds”, which were one of the primary studies that announced the exploitation of both raw materials from conflict zones, as well as exploitation of labour from developing as well as developed countries, tax exavation, labour killings, harassment, etc… seems to be the boiling point spot for several of such combinatorial projects that fully covers the Free software and Open Hardware ethos.

I personally among others have been keep exploring such projects and few of the following seems promising :

the list can be grown for sure…

But you have to understand, that asking the question “in Indian market”, actually contradicts the very expectation of eco friendly product & project. Instead we must take a much deeper thought process and change the perspective of making (production by masses) instead of mass production, using radical network oriented production environment, Coooperative Commons based Community Production Units (much advanced versions of Maker spaces).

When we focus on “Market” perspective, the competitive spirit that lingers for centuries comes back and creates the same kind of non eco friendly situation or atleast create a fake/pseudo eco friendly products.

Many say and even romanticize the modern day 3D printers as revolutionary, but such replacement argument will not help in any way apart from escalating a particular part of the society to new privileged level. This is again a Technocratic solution for long standing problem.

Instead we must start talking about how mass production narration can be changed from conventional capital intensive production methods to Knowledge Oriented production methods. Many do not see the challenges met by the Fair phone community and the business entity that faces to organize a completely different supply chain to create the product.

On one side, i personally feel that there is not much skill development is focused on hardware side of the culture. And at individual level, we are still influenced by several layers of responsibilities that gives no further time to learn new skills practice them etc… This creates conditions that are possible only by a privileged few who are free from organizing communities, have enough resources, have enough free time to learn, explore and practice, etc…

However, it is very good that we are discussing such things.