Call for Contributors - Ebook on Computer Literacy via Free Software

Authors of Free Software Movement, Unite!

At Pondicherry, we are teaching at a government school for students from Grade 6th - 9th about Computers. The primary idea is to make them computer literate and help them use tools to do their assignments.

As a part of which we have come up with a syllabus to teach them. Right now we just use the syllabus and deliver the lecture or we do hands on. We thought, if we could come up with a book targeting at their standard any one can use that material to teach.

Even after we finish the course for them, if we could print this book and give it to them, it would be useful for them to read it later or can be used as reference material.

So, this is a call for contributors who can spend their time and knowledge to help create this book. This book will be licensed under GNU Free Document License. This will be a collaborative (Community) effort similar to how a Free Software is developed.

So how are we planning to write this book?

  1. We found Gitbook to be very flexible & intuitive for creating & publishing in various formats (epub, pdf, etc.)
  2. Using a Public Github repository to host the contents of the book, which means we are going to use the same ‘Git’ tool as Free Software developers do.
  3. All chapters are written using a very simple language called Markdown which can be created using a simple text editor. So need not worry about installing any office suite or exchanging between various formats.
  4. As a reference on how to create such a book, we can use FSMK’S Summer Camp 14 Handbook.

Getting Yourself Involved

  1. Get a Github account, if you don’t have one & reply here with your github username.
  2. We already have created a public repository for the book here
  3. Once your username is received will invite you as one the contributor for the repository.
  4. Learning Markdown is very simple. Do look at the Markdown Cheat sheet from the above section.
  5. Take a look on how to start writing a book using git and gitbook here.

Types of Contributions

  1. You can write text for chapters.
  2. You can create Creative contents(Book cover picture, images, diagrams) to be included in the book.
  3. You can check for typographical errors in the book and fix it.

Technical Details

  1. We have installed Edubuntu operating system in the school, so if you are covering any of the chapters or if you are including screenshot, we suggest you to make it specific for the same.
  2. There is a wonderful Free Software called ReText which is an Markdown editor with Live Preview mode as we edit. Do install that as you create contents for chapters.
  3. As we git push to the repository, the book will be built automatically by gitbook and the book will be live here. If your commit is live in the public repository, but the changes you made are not visible in the live book, it might be due to build errors. In such case, just create an issue here

Credits for contributors will be included in the book’s authors section, and moreover you will have your record on the git repository which no one can deny. Let us create a Git history :smile:

P.S: It would be better, if all those who are involved in this project can meet weekly once and discuss on how to proceed or improve further.

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Github username : ramaseshan

Would be interested to join in.
But a weekly in person meetup might not be possible, but over liphone or similar tools.
Let me know :smile:


Agree with @ramaseshan to conduct the co-ordination over remote technologies.


@prashere add me as well @aravindgd

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@aravindgd & @ramaseshan Invite sent.

@rajanand02 add me as well.

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Just now saw this repository. Is this project still up for contributions ?

Yes it is still open for contribution @NightRaven. In fact, the reality is that nothing has progressed after I made this call. Due to focus on Meshnet and my academic activities, I also lost touch with this. We need to revive this. Also a Tamil version done in parallel or even prior to the english version can also be better.

@prashere My Github username is balogic . Do add me in the repository.

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