Call for Interested Makers & Hackers ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Already individuals like us, felt the need to understand the wonderful world of hardware and software interfacing. I believe that individuals are out there in the community who are isolate and separated.

We are not only in the information age, we are in the panoptican age which oppose, we are in the mesh networking age, we are the hobby civilian drone age, we are in the anti-centralization age, we are in the age where neutrality and privacy are respected and at the same time treated with impunity. We are in the age of ideas, which can be realized though amateur, hobby and community practices, rather than labour and job based assembly line practice.

So, we all realized that only with firm transparency and freedom in both hardware and software part of every solution is necessary. For example,


Its the prime time to combine, best of both the worlds. We are in the right age where we have necessary tools, and individuals who can realize common and collaborative projects.

What are all the solid tools we have ?




If anybody of you who happens to see this post:

  • Who are interested to learn or already learning
  • Who are already using it for hobby, personal or professional projects.
  • Even if you are using similar tools like GEDA, etcโ€ฆ please inform.

I know more tools are out there, i have just pointed more stable and concrete ones, and there is more to hardware design

I call all of the hackers, designers, to engage in participative projects for social change that needs both hardware and software hackers. For instance :

(These may be exaggerating - Just see it as what things are possible)

  1. Mesh Networking (PyMesh & Chennai Mesh are already working at it)
  2. Free Drone Project
  3. Free Radio Project
  4. Free Telescopy Project
  5. Free Microscopy Project
  6. Free Spectroscopy Project
  7. Free BioMedical Project

So what kind of people community needs :
People who knows about Free hardware and Software philosophies and principles; at the same time interested to work in different disciplines. This will constitute Interdisciplinary community. I believe already FSFTN is already multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. A community cannot really spear head without diverse disciplines. We naturally and informally form Special Interest Groups.

I honestly agree, that i know everything listed above, these are the possibilities which can be realized with diverse and versatile people. Everybody is not going to know everything. Furthermore, it is not a mission to complete what we dream within the recent future. We can go one step at a time, do whatever we can, prototype them, then let the SIG take care of the further versions of that particular project.

I firmly believe, that FSFTN have a significant impact social engagement as much as possible inspite of heavily biased media.

We need to have Organizational Structure tailed to each project, and i believe as community we are strong in that. But Pictorial representation would provide more flexibility and enthusiasm for new comers to understand the community goals and action plans(ex: Action Plan for Establishing Mesh Network).
For instance :


Principles + Interests + Fun + Plan + Tools + Community + Contribution


Inspiration is a great thing, that acts as a self and mutual impetus to get us starting. We all in the community are internet savvy, and we would have seen lot of community building websites which are innovative in one or other way. We would have bookmarked a lot of them. It is time to dust our bookmarks, and share it in a common place.

These are the community builtups i was inspired by (most of them are initially single individual built):











  11. (proprietary but still inspired)

(Many drone projects are there which can inspire hackersโ€ฆ)

12, (recently)