Can any one help me set up Mesh in Chennai


Hey People,

Look whats happening in Newyork , can any one help me do this thing in Chennai?


@karthik_ak would love to. At FSFTN we are a small number of people (including me :smile:) who are working towards understanding the internals of mesh network. I am from Pondicherry and we have people like @welkin at Chennai who have also doing some research work under the same.

I think it’s nearly almost a year since we got interested with mesh networks. Right now what we need is an action plan (something like an timeline) to work with for the next 2 years.

We certainly have lot of legal restrictions while using wireless radio’s to communicate. The hack here is to make use of the license-exempt bands and frequencies.

  1. We need to setup mesh locals.
  2. To setup mesh locals, we need to identify the resources.
  3. Once setup, we need to find interested people around this local to setup another mesh local.
  4. Inter-connect two local and keep expanding the same way.


Hi karthik,

This is a pretty late reply, but i can assure u, that the discussion and plans for mesh have been started in fsftn long back in 2015. Now, we have a team which currently works on it. Soon we will have a mesh network.

I hope, once setup, mesh in other towns, cities, villages will be included.


Thats great, if the hardware designs are finalized would like to get one built and put on top of my home and see what happens.


Hi @karthik_ak,

please do attend the meet if you are interested :slightly_smiling:


Oh god, just saw it today