Can my university mandate me to disclose my aadhar ID to provide degree certificate?


Students were being asked to submit their aadhar ID.
Would like to know the current status of aadhar card number disclosure.

  1. Can my university mandate me to disclose my aadhar ID to provide degree certificate?
  2. If yes, what further move can we take on this before university collects all data?
  3. what digital open alternative can we suggest to fix the problem of elimination of fake certificates (which the university claim to meet with linking aadhar IDs)

Available Alternatives :

  1. Blockchain


Aug '15 :
A three-judge bench said “Aadhaar will not be used for any other purposes except PDS, kerosene and LPG distribution system”

— Shanthakumar (@5hanth) March 4, 2016

[2016, Anna University] :
Give me your aadhar. Number to get your degree.


— Shanthakumar (@5hanth) March 4, 2016

Dear #Annauniversity,
If you are so concerned to eliminate fake certificate, use #blockchain instead #aadhar.

— Shanthakumar (@5hanth) March 4, 2016


This is a good reddit on Aadhar :


As per supreme court Aadhar can not is be made mandatary but its good to have aadhar card because it is widely accepted as an address and ID proof more info


@Pranali_Sharma since i do not know your line of thought about UID projects, i cannot question your stand on such subjugative schemes…

but i have few questions for you. :

  1. why do you think it is good to have one
  2. on what basis you say it is widely accepted
  3. why do you mentioned it as ID proof here
  4. why do you mentioned it as “card”

you have all your liberty to express your views, but little rationality would be benevolent. Please take your stand pertaining to UID system. Your mention, is just as confusing as the jurisprudent play between apex court and state.

Furthermore, people mostly feel it is good to bribe officers and authority… just because it is good, will you suggest everybody in public to bribe them ? I mean i can make the same “feel goodness” argument for any case…

all i am asking is be rational before making a suggestion. no offence by the way…