Chennai and The Big Basket Culture


The Big Basket culture is developing in more and more regions around Chennai. People order groceries and other things needed for a family in a monthly or daily basis. There will be a basket hanging in the gate of each house in many apartments where they will be delivered with the ordered big basket purchases. It may be wheat, rice, pulses, eatables, etc.

The main thing to look at here is that it saves time and reduces effort for everyone to take bike, go to market and purchase. In terms of resources consumed, it is much more effective. But what I can also see here is, that a Monopoly growing among the apartments of Chennai. It could soon Replace Local Shops and Markets and can control them with their demands and prices decided by Big Basket. Once a considerable amount of customers are reached, it will not take much time for them to create registrations through Apartment associations, standalone shops by Big Basket affiliated to each apartments and soon we could see another Amazon, Uber and Swiggy :neutral_face:


தக்கன தழைக்கும்.

தக்கன மட்டுமே தழைக்கும்.

இவ்விதி கடைகளுக்கும் பொருந்தும்.


I tried an Ecommerce business which bridge local retails to Online presence.

Didn’t take off


Why ? shed lights.


There are reasons I’ve found.

But a business 's success or failure depends on right timing according to some studies. So we should this as the reason for not talking off.

By the way,my reason was lack of good team


please narrate your actual story. interesting to learn.


It will be one long story



Best thing we can do as of now is we have to get directly from farmers as much as possible.
May be Veggie,Milk we cant

But oils, rice, nuts, ghee , sugarcane sugar etc we can get directky from producers.

For ex, Now onion rate is 140Rs. probably farmers may get 40 to 50 rs. Everything is going to middle men.