Coding a game in Wick Editor


I participated in my first ever game jam last month (7th July 2019) and it was hosted by this website called Newgrounds. Why am I writing about this game jam in this blog post you ask me? Well, obviously its got to do with something Freely open sourced software (GPL v3.0 in this case, sweet!). So, back to my story, (ahem…, blog post) this game jam stated that the game submissions must be made using this web app or web software called Wick Editor. What is this Wick editor you ask me? Well its Adobe Flash, reverse engineered and written in Javascript and licensed as GPL v3.0 (Awesome sauce!!).

The game jam was anounced a month and a half prior to the deadline (from what I know, game Jams usually lasted two days or at max a week). I thought since the time span was super high, I could create maybe more than one game entry for this game jam, I was planning on experimenting hard game mechanics in one game and implementing the other game with simpler stuff (In truth, I struggled to get just a working output in the end of just one game).

As I was planning for the game jam, I was intrigued by the idea of making a game about outer space and aliens. I decided I was going to make a game about an Intergalatic Pizza delivery boy, where he has to deliver pizzas to really wierd and crazy aliens and find his way through out the galaxy before the time runs out. But I didn’t have any idea of how to implement that and I started thinking of ideas that would be simpler to code (simpler for me to code _).

Then I decided on making a simple clicking game, where the user had to find an answer based on given clues. I know, the game mechanics sound lame, but hear me out. The game’s story would go about like this, shape shifting aliens have invaded planet earth, we have to identify them and kill them before they transform completely into humans. The alien space ship lands in city Z, the United Earth Army has quaratined city Z and is going to send you, the game player in, to kill the aliens and save the quarantined humans. You have to interact with them and based on the answers that they give, you have to decide if they are human or not.

On the last day before the Game Jam’s deadline, I found the motivation to start coding the game seriously. (Mental note, never do this) So I started coding the basic game play loops. It was to make sure that I was able to render a json in which I stored the data for each level of the game upon the click of a button. After the basic game loop worked I needed images of aliens and humans, it was midnight and I was not in the mood to draw about 100 figures. So I just borrowed images that were in Creative Commons, wrote up my levels json with all those images and tried to get a working prototype ready.

After fighting with wick editor and my sleep, I finally got everything ready and submitted my entry for the game jam a day late and came in last place :sweat_smile:. Yeah the game sucked a lot due to lack of intuitiveness and it looks like a complex box diagram :joy: .

I so want to blame it on the tool and take a step back, but I saw some really good games in the entries for this jam. The thing with this Wick Editor was that, it was still in alpha release and it didn’t have much stability nor documentation on what it can or can’t do. Creating a game in this editor was like playing a game and figuring its controls on trial and error.

That being said, it has some great potential as its a web based version of Adobe flash and its backed up with the power of javascript than action script. One can create animations and create 2d games as well with this tool once its ready.

My game jam entry: