Community Projects to Address Public Issues and to Engage Students in Community


We believe that the essential part of a Community is to engage people together to address Social Issues and suggest possible solutions. This year we would like to engage our volunteers and students to engage and guide projects and to keep the students engaged with the Community. Below I will list out some of the project possibilities for contribution.

  1. Data visualization for existing Open Data such provided by Community Weather Stations, etc. - D3.js

  2. Understanding Government policies through NLP (provide responses based on User request)

  3. Tool to map Public locations easier for people during emergency situations -

  4. The decision support system engine that coordinates many modules to produce optimized grow specs and a schedule to grow plants to help farmers -

  5. Rise of Farmer Community and increase cooperation among them, connect farmers - and

  6. Other -

  7. Wikimedia Commons Image Search for Android and Web (Efficient Solution)

These are some of the projects that can be started with. Let us increase this list collaboratively and start engaging students for Community Contribution.There is already a list available here.

Kindly add other projects which you know in this list.