Compass ERP - Announcement


Hello People,

I am writing a small ERP solution called Compass ERP, Its written in Ruby on Rails 4.1, If you know rails you can fairly install it on your servers and let people use it. Take a look at the screen shots here

Take a look at source code here

And here are the releases

I would be happy if some one tries it out, gave me feedback so that I can improve the software.


Hi @karthik_ak,

Just curious. What made you write a new ERP when there exists something like OpenERP.

Btw, I took a look at the Screenshots and found “Download as Excel” option. I would suggest replacing the name Excel with xls/xlsx format and add a support to “Download as ods”.


Yup, should be done. But currently don’t know whats the structure of ODS. There seems to be no documentation as good as there is for excel.

I don’t know what made me write this ERP, perhaps you must ask my psychologist.


Are you trying to implement a ticketing system in it? @karthik_ak


Nope. But can if you wish so.