Complexity, Networks & Spatio - Temporal - Networked GIS


Although I had some understanding of cybernetics, I have not put my mind much into it. But last year when I met Sirius, our mutual sharing exposed me to complexity theory. No words further, and i got hooked up.

Along with emerged interest for network theory and GIS(thanks to Scotland yard), also does has significant overlap with it. Being in free software community, I believe most of u have already mastered graph theory and many even be applying it in ur research or profession.

Now I see most my thought process are being etched based on such theories and I don’t know why I am being addicted to it. Fir those who already got hooked with such ideas and wanted to relate them with real world in :

  1. Geography, hydrology
  2. Transmission n/WS (transit, water, electricity, logistics, food and nutrient distribution, wireless link…)
  3. Attribution n/w’s (licenses, publishing, openness in data/research/science, accountability, governance)

And other forms of DESIGN, SYSTEMS please do continue replying and pestering me.