Creating an active OpenStreetMap community in Tamil Nadu


Hi, opensource and open data enthusiasts. I am looking for a small but active community of OSMappers to map entire Tamil Nadu (Quite ambitious la???). I recently found out that there’s a similar community in Kerala. I believe open geo-data will be very useful for TN and we should take the initiative to start a community. Is there any existing group doing similar work? Share your thoughts. :slight_smile:

You can reach me in telegram @arunbalaji_aji


@Arun_Balaji, we have organized a few mapathons and most geo, carto, map, enthusiasts have contributed street maps through field trips as well as arm chairing for their locality to OSM regularly. @Srravya, @yogesh, @arunisaac, @ramaseshan @prashere @demonshreder might help you guide in this matter. Apart from that we not only restrict ourselves with just OSM but also spread widely with the tools of production used for mapping from GDAL, OGR, QGIS, SAGA, for thematic, spatial, temporal mapping including remote sensing. The global GIS community have been rapidly expanding towards free software solutions and services.

Obviously TN or any other state needs a constant contributor base. The way contribution works and the technical part of it is one side. But bringing up a community seperately by distancing through narrowing down by compartmentalizing with VGIS, Open Data, OSM, might require unnecessary work and effort. On the other hand you can become part of the wider community through existing movements like FSFTN (us), and other regional glugs and movements who are already doing this if not periodically, but on interest basis.

The accretion rate of mapping have seen ebs and lows with time. There is more to OSM than just mapping. We welcome you to be part of it. Instead of making a separate community for OSM making the existing members and new comers in the community to use OSM. Why i am saying this is whenever a separate community focused particularly on OSM and open data, the community loses its credibility and integrity in selecting and recommending software and hardware tools while contributing for OSM. This practice fundamentally demeans and dehumanizes the several labour hours of earlier members in global community to integrate the free software culture, internet collaboration and Open GIS.

I am happy you have asked this question. :clap: