Curated List For Everything


Hello there fellow activists !
I’ve been thinking, why don’t we create a Wiki in GitHub which holds a curated list of all things ( Links, Whatever ) that can help people get started on Programming Languages, contributing to Libre Software Projects, etc.
Anything that is list-worthy.

If there exists a wiki like this already, please share the link so we can make it awesome.


GitHub is a big no no.
But as such coming to the idea, FSMK recently had their Camp, and A set of participants are building an app for whatever you are talking about. It is a part of their constant hackathon so as to start helping them get started with FS.
There is no repo existing so far, we are going to start programming from next week on. so expect it another 1-2 months.
Will list out the project details and workflow soon.


yeah, AFAIK, the project is getting serious. I fortunately present during one of the mindstorming sessions.
Looking forward to use them.