Darkness in Academic Publishing: Elsevier's troubling practices



Elsevier has about 13 million academic documents and it publishes around 350,000 articles a year. Being in such a prime position it is trying to exploit the academic community with its troubling practices.
It had a very high margin of profit of 37% on FY 2014.

It forced libraries to buy its bundles which included the journals that is of little or no importance to the universities by ridiculously pricing the individual journals.

Elsevier also supported SOPA, PIPA, and the Research Works Act, but later it withdrew its support for the Research Works Act

The Cost of Knowledge

To stop the Elsevier from exploiting the academics, the academics have started a protest. Thousands of researches signed to refrain from publishing, refereeing and editorial work regards to Elsevier.

Don’t let your Friends and University Publish in Elsevier Journals

More thank 15000 researchers have already took a stand against Elsevier. See why.
If you are a academic or if you know someone who is, make them understand the importance of it and make them take a stand by signing/Adding their name here and by standing with it.

Why Should You share

Despite The Cost of Knowledge protest being around for more than three years, not much change has happened. But if more and more research take stance against Elsevier, they might change their policies.
For instance, Elsevier initially supported the research works act, but later they boycotted their support.


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