Decentralized Internet over a distributed grid


Community Cube is the physical layer, rendering secure cloud-based services over a grid, where everybody has equal power.

Community Cube is a small plug and play server designed to build a fair
and cooperative internet. Our goal is to create a massive, parallel internet from users who
deploy the Community Cube server. This server offers users a single,
failsafe, 100% citizen distributed network that safeguards privacy
and security. It provides all the services you want with all the protection you

They seem to have build a complete server with a complete set of Free Software tools, like a Decentralized Search Engine(yacy), tor etc and on Open Hardware (tough I didnt find there schematics nor the code. )

  1. What are the thoughts in such a tool.
  2. With Decentralized Internet architectures like MeshNet and things poping out, what exactly do you think a tool like this would play ?