Digital Interaction/Communication Design


Its important to build the better design community. In case of free software, there are developers at larger extent and designers are not as much.

I wish to share my thoughts, views that got changed after entering design school.
One of the important point is that design is lot more than just tools.

If we build confidence over design knowledge than tool is just secondary.

So there won’t come dilemma situation like inkscape or illustrator, gimp or photoshop etc.

If design knowledge leads us then we will get power to lead and convince the industry to use free tools.
Well known example is “Blender 3D”: they focus on design techniques, quality of design etc. They concentrate on making the effective tool rather than focusing on competition with proprietary tools.

We need to criticize and improve the design of free software which is the new/fresh playground for designers.

Unfortunately, proprietary lovers are least interested in it. So its our duty of free software design enthusiasts to take over that.
In that, contribution from designer’s side should be well framed like developers. For that, to be well versed in design knowledge is very important.

With these thoughts and motive, I wish to share, discuss, discourse everything about design here.

I assume that our ultimate target is digital design(UI/UX, graphics, micro interactions, information design, data visualization etc).
Meanwhile we explore/learn from all design fields and try to implement in digital design.


@manojpenworks i am very glad that u posted about it. yes many of us think that design is something that ranges within visual aspects of UI, HMI etc… but “design” is everything. it encompasses the overlapping universe of information, tools and more importantly interaction.

i would be much interested, to attend meetups, if u are anyother person would organize on such topics. in the realm of computer aided design, many of us severly lack the CAD, CADD, CAE skill set, if at all interested in blender, godot, synfig, inkscape, mypaint,… like tools.

moreover, design in relation to free software - i see it in quality perspective. with enough time and contribution, every free software tends to attain better quality. Which in most cases eventually makes it layman allergic.

we need to (i am interested) in discussing and taking part in broader design aspects stuff - theories (like gestalt), physical interaction, interpretation, expression. Since design laterally cross the realms of h/w and s/w that actually puts back the distinction made in history of computer industry surrounding legal issues… design knowledge is necessary. Moreover, design of licenses is itself a interesting subject to analyze.

by the way. which design school you got into. ?

and your assumption of design design seems to limit the arena of making a even discussion. Systems needs to be design reviewed too.


i have been a silent reader of your posts in here, since i am here. great work and contribution. even though i have not seen you, i have heard about you several times. might meet u sooner.


Happy to know that you are design enthuciast too.
Yeah, as you told design is everywhere. Rather than art, design has a purpose.
Currently I’m (Interaction) design student @IDC, IIT Bombay.
I wish after my graduation, will plan for regular design meetups, workshops etc.
As a interaction designer, we mostly learn from people how they adopt to new environment, conditions etc. with existing materials they have.
They are all like genius. Only thing is that we need to develop the skill to get the right out from them.

In design school, we learn about tools, methodologies to observe and acquire design knowledge from everywhere. Then we apply those, test and evaluate.

In that way, there are miles to go… to become a good designer.


Cool. We’ll meet soon. :slight_smile: