Distro Advice Needed


Hi Free Software Activists !

I need a little help in picking up a distro for my work computer, we mostly use Ubuntu as it has loads of support for major DevOps and BigData ( Data Science ) applications, but it crashes once in a while and we end up reinstalling Ubuntu which causes a setback.

I’ve been using Fedora even when i work which actually has great support but i don’t want to be the odd one out there, i’m thinking Debian, i need a distro the has great support and is as solid as a rock.


You answered yourself :blush:


I’d suggest ArchLinux or Gentoo, if you could spend some time configuring for the first time.


And also there is already a similar thread in this forum which you can check Which Distro are you using?


Did you say “solid as a rock”

I would say CentOS .

And it has amazing DevOps Support . . Most of the things work out of the box.

At my workplace we use CentOS to deploy large scale servers with about 200-500 TB of data, and centos runs without crying .

Plus unlike debian, centos comes with 7 years of support and 10 years of security support , unlike debian, where the community support is only for 2 years and the the rest 3 years where you expect some corporation to have encountered the same bug as yours and they are fixing it or you fix it. The community is not going to fix it.

So my choice would be CentOS.