Does Gitlab Belongs to Microsoft Azure? So What is the Purpose of Migirating to Gitlab


We all know that Microsoft acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion on June 4, 2018. So Some of the Researchers Moved their projects or repositories from Github to Gitlab. Even I seen some Hashtags in socialmedias like #movingtogitlab.

For the curiosity, I Just searched the Ipaddress of Gitlab

Then with that Ip address I Searched in Shodan Search Engine

It was Shocking to me that, Gitlab also belongs to Microsoft. Then I was thinking that what is the purpose of migrating to gitlab, because it also not a free software now!


Gitlab also belongs to Microsoft.


First, Gitlab doesn’t belong to Microsoft. Second, Microsoft Azure is a cloud hosting platform like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. In other terms it’s a cloud computing platform that provides computers to host your applications, storage to host your files, etc.,

What they have shown in the above screenshot is that, one of the instance of Gitlab (remember Gitlab has a community version which is a Free Software) is being hosted in microsoft’s cloud computing platform called azure. If you explore other sections from the link you shared, you can also find that there are multiple other instances of Gitlab running at multiple other cloud providers like AWS, etc.

You misinterpreted what the screenshot wanted to show. They are still mocking that you haven’t got rid of Microsoft by moving away from GitHub, because one of the instance of gitlab is also running on their cloud platform.


True🤗 brother


Few links -
Gitlab Community Edition install -
Gitlab Community Edition code -


Hello Community,
What are your views on,

  1. Migrating Projects from Github to Gitlab
  2. Deleting the Projects in Github
  3. Deleting the Github Account

Anyone already into the process?


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Some time back, Gitlab migrated their instance to Google Cloud.