[Event] An open sessions on GO Programming language


This is a continuation of the tech sessions that we have been having lately.

This time it is GO.
Go is a language invented by Google, and is know to have the flexibility of syntax like python’s and the compiling power of Java. The beauty of GO, is its concurrent programming they say.

While there has also been criticism over it, it is also one language that is picking up adoption.

@aravinthk from FSFTN will be doing a Tech Night this Saturday(ie., 18-June-2016) starting at 9PM.
We will be covering up some basic syntax, we will try to code a few, and lets debate our understandings.

Link for the call : https://meet.jit.si/fsftntechnights


I’ve heard much about Jitsi, though I haven’t tried it myself. The FSF used Jitsi for LibrePlanet.

Or, you can just have an offline session that you record and share later through bittorrent or some other form of distribution. I don’t see why Google Hangouts are critical for these sessions.


I explored jitsi too long back when it was not ready for the prime time. But yesterday we put it out to test with FSMK and it was quite good.

I was about to post about jitsi here today :smiley:

So yes, this time let us try jitsi :heart:

Thanks for sharing

A simpler solution for recording the session I see for now is https://jitsi.org/Projects/YouTubeLive

FSFTN has a tech channel and we could make these videos available under CC licenses there for now.


@arunisaac We are trying jitsi tomorrow. If that works, we will stick to it for all the following sessions

Thanks for informing about jitsi.


iris - fastest golang web framework licensed under Apache 2.0
Free downloadable ebook is also available for getting started.


This is really amazing.
I never came across this framework . . . Thanks for sharing