For who are interested in Topography and like to learn some GIS


I have completed a overall procedure of using gis to know about terrain mapping and stuff, in my blog/website

please do criticize the post.

disclaimer: i have not explained all the microsteps of using mouse or keyboard or even using the gis tools in particular. There are many online videos and text, manuals to do that… i only like to share the workflow kind of thing to fellow learners… like a block diagram understanding and executing it.



I like the little cartoons and icons in your block diagrams. Do you draw them on your own? If not, where do you get them from?

Nice to see something as local as Vellore district represented on the Internet. It feels a lot easier to relate to the whole process than some place in the US or Europe. Keep up the good work.


Actually, I just found your blog post on drawing comics at :smiley:


@31gane I am continuously baffled by the content you provide. It shocks me to see how much detail you put into writing a blog. Will keep reading all of it until one day I can actually start doing the same (Y)


i usually draw whenever i can… and i also use regularly create commons licensed and shareable licensed icons from nounproject and flaticons websites.

then i take them, tweak them, draw my hand drawn block diagrams - drafted in a3 or a4 sheets. Use inkscape and gimp in the workflow.

I like comic stuff from cave paintings, to calligraphy to anime’s. i love em. grown fond of it… and inspired by many awesome comic artists out there… i thought it would be great if there is a workflow or tool available for commons to express their view. However, meme’s currently take that place (reproducible, mutable, transferable, and fun)

i do that, because i always felt a kind of text stuttered. So i love block diagrams and illustrations.

yeah i kind of felt the same way then people use non local examples… locality surely drives us affinity towards learning - atleast has to be used when the necessary resources are available and accessible. :slightly_smiling:


hey @Lucifer, thanks for your compliments, i am pretty sure, that folks like you will even express more than what we folks are doing now. Afterall, we all learn from existing men and resources they have contributed.

If someone, reads it and atleast tries to attempts it, then the post have reached their mind. If people started doing it, then they have started acting it. I believe that there are lot of other things to come. I have queued it… slowly one by one all sharable contents would be shared… :wink:


folks… i do not know whether u have noticed or not…

FYI, there is a 3d visualization linked to one of the images in the post itself…
That will provide intereaction with the data… :sunglasses:


Yeah, I noticed… Looks like something out of science fiction movies…! :slight_smile:


coool… literally… i didn’t even coded it … all credits goes to the person who did threejs… (ooops… i forgot his name…), and the webgl supporting browsers… the same could be done without using webgl… but those who read and use should now more how to do… that extends the learning curve…

and that stuff is not even high resolution…