Forum Restored - Data Lost!

Dear all. First of all we apologize for letting the forum down for long time (2 months). We host this forum with a cloud service provider named Scaleway. Last February, their infrastructure experienced critical failure and due to which we lost all our services and data along with it. I am sharing the screenshot of the support email from Scaleway.

It is also mistake from our side that we did not have any recent backup or snapshot of our forum discussions. Due to which we have almost 3 years of any discussion that happened in our forum. I only had a backup from 2018 which I restored today.

If you are a previous admin or current admin and if you have a backup that is newer than what is restored, kindly share it with me, so I can restore it.

Once again, I apologize to all the forum members and I totally own responsibility for this mistake. I will make sure forum data is regularly backed up in short periodic intervals to prevent same thing from happening.

Thanks for the efforts on bringing the forum again.