FOSS, Self Hosted and Simple Event Tracking Platform


Came across Gathio through @prashere in one of the Matrix channels. It is neat and simple. There is a public instance to try it out. I’ve created a Demo Event to see how it works.

Things it is good at,

  1. Simple
  2. Lightweight
  3. Add Participants RSVP
  4. Add Discussions to the Events

Needs to improve on,

  1. Switching to OSM for Maps
  2. History of all previous events (Dunno if it is already present)
  3. Disable Self Destruction of Events

If someone have already explored the platform, please do add additional information. Also, FSFTN is planning to localise it soon.


Cool platform.

We can start using for event management.

Like you pointed out, self-destructing in a week is not always good choice. There should be option for self destruction.

UI looks neat and if FSFTN localise and uses it, it will be nice

#3 is federated and seems better.


Thanks @Balvis for starting this thread. I have a fundamental point on why I proposed Gathio or gathio like model. That fundamental points is that being able to utilize a platform without worrying about profiling in first place.

The idea of the right to be forgotten which I see the digital platforms are missing. Obviously I understand the need for event hosts to have an archive of their events and attendees. but why should a platform have to remember?

We could bring in a export option to gathio like platform which allows event hosts to get a copy of their event in a standard format.

Gettogether is useful in it’s federated sense, but it also requires user accounts and if it has forget option I would immediately consider using it. With a platform like gathio all that is required is a valid email address of the host and attendees after the event the platform could send out the event exported as email with attendees detail and the platform should forget it forever.

I wanted to bring such a platform to the people of Tamil and invite various movements to make use of it for their organizing. I have reserved the domain name for 2 years for this purpose. I would be happy to work on this as well.