Free/Open-Source Photography


For all those Photography Geeks trying to figure out what Free/Open-Source Tools are available, how to figure out which to pick & learn for a carousel of options out there, look no further.

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Awesome :heart_eyes:

May be little bit offtopic. Also those who are interested in Free/Open-Source Cinema…

Equally enticing for both hardware and software hackers.



I’ve heard of Apertus. It’s mouth watering libre hardware, but unfortunately not easily available to buy. And, even if you could buy, it’ll cost a bomb to get it past customs. :cry:

It’ll be nice if we could manufacture it here. But, that’s non-trivial, of course.


And, of course, Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK).

The list of supported cameras is at

There are so many cheap second hand Powershots available on olx. I’m wondering if I should get one and try out CHDK. Oh, the joy of repurposing what others consider junk!