Free operating system for Chromebooks - need help


hi Friends,

I have an Acer C720 Chromebook on which I want to install a free operating system. I wanted to check if any of you installed Linux, BSD, or other free software on a Chromebook and what your experience was. I would like to use one that is as free as possible. I don’t need anything fancy but it is also important for me that hardware like track-pad, webcam, mic, etc, on the laptop work properly. The system is out of warranty and even Google’s support for the OS has ended but as far as I can check the hardware is in perfect condition and I want to convert it to a privacy respecting and free operating system and use it as my laptop for browsing, email, basic text editing, etc. Any suggestions you can give me or any experience you might want to share with installing free operating systems on Chromebooks in general and the Acer C720 in particular will be very very helpful to me.