Free Software Alternative to DropBox


ownCloud is a free software alternative to DropBox. It lets you own your data. It has clients for desktop and mobile too.

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I would prefer something that runs in a Serverless manner. Like Bittorrent Sync or Syncthing which eliminates the Server part so the data is not centralized.

One need a server, Static IP to host their own OwnCloud instance like how we are running this discussion forum. That requires cost and maintenance. With respect to peer-to-peer / decentralized architecture which is what BitTorrent Sync and Syncthing has adapted it requires Zero cost and maintenance.

P.S: BT Sync is not Free Software. SyncThing is Free Software.


SyncThing is now called as Pulse


nothing beats a simple ftp server. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is SharePoint as well, which works well as an alternative to Dropbox; I got my free SharePoint from here quite a few years ago and it the no cost version is still available


I wouldn’t really mind decentralized, but when I want to store private data distributed over various computers, I really have a issue. I am not against decentralized, when owncloud like tools, are espically used for storing personal files and sensitive information (If I want to). In such cases, I still find hosting my own server a somewhat safer solution than P2P. Centralized in someplaces,I still say it is relevant and required. Decentralized also has its place.


SharePoint isn’t Free Software. This place is not for Proprietary products. We discuss Free Software and not Freeware. Please try to avoid posting about any such in future.


How about GNUpot ? The stated principles of the projects are

The aim of this project is to have a completely free (as in freedom) replacement for Dropbox (and also similar services) that runs exclusively in our computers. All of this is done following the K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principal.

Any one willing to try it ?