Free Software for Android


What are some of the Free Softwares, that you would install in your smartphone ?

  1. F-Droid – Alternative to Google PlayStore.

A Few more here.

Need Help to list out, available Free Software for desktop platform like Linux,Windows and Macintosh

Thanks for the link… appreciated. I used f-droid and the following apps from f-droid

  1. openstreetmaps (95% replaced google mapswith this one)
  2. osmtracker - I use it for mapping and contributing to openstreetmaps database
  3. Amaze file manager
  4. xabber (dev version) - an XMPP chat client
  5. kontalk (similar to whatsapp, but only one other person I know uses it)
  6. owncloud client - to sychronize with owncloud server that my brother maintains.
  7. Lightning browser - a lightweight one that doesn’t use too much resources like chrome or fennec
  8. Fennec browser - modified firefox with non-free code removed
  9. Logical defense - a manual for logical fallacies


I am using,

  1. F-Droid
  2. SMSSecure
  3. TextSecure
  4. LinConnect
  5. Syncthing
  6. K-9 Mail
  7. Impress Remote
  8. Linphone
  9. Kontalk
  10. FBReader
  11. Firefox
  12. HN - Hacker News Client
  13. RedReader Beta
  14. SwiftNotes
  15. Telegram
  16. VLC
  17. Tutanota
  18. Aard Dictionary
  19. APK Extractor
  20. Diaspora Native Client


The List of F-Droid Apps that I use, excluding the apps from the list above,

  1. Audio Recorder
  2. Barcode Scanner
  3. Binary Eye
  4. Blokada
  5. Change Detection
  6. CityZen
  7. Clear List
  8. Connect Bot
  9. Fasthub-Libre
  10. Firefox Klar
  11. Free OTP
  12. KDE Connect
  13. KeePassDroid
  14. LabCoat
  15. Music
  16. NewPipe
  17. NextCloud
  18. Nitroshare
  19. OsmAnd
  20. Privacy Helper
  21. Red Moon
  23. Scrambled Exif
  24. Street Complete
  25. Survival Manual
  26. Trebleshot
  27. Tusky
  28. Twidere
  29. Wikipedia

:heart: and Share FOSS :slightly_smiling_face:

Android free softwares
  1. AnExplorer Pro - file manager
  2. AudioRecorder - support all audio especially .ogg.
  3. Carnet - simple notes with todo list.
  4. Frost - Facebook client
  5. Loop habit tracker - very good app and widgets for day to day activity personal tracking app.
  6. Libre torrent - torrent client
  7. ScreenCam - screen recorder app.
  8. QKSMS - messaging app with backup restore option.
  9. ScreenStream - screen streaming via connected network.
  10. Thorium - peertube client


Nice, I :heart: blokada (and also Netguard)


App link:
App Description : News apps like Google News, Flipboard, BBC show trending articles written a day or two back. If say there are hundred articles written in a day, these news apps pick just a few of them. It is a time saving feature. But they lack a key flexibility. Consider you haven’t read any news for the last 1 monthor 1 year. If you open any of the news apps or news websites, you will still be shown trending articles written a day or two back and not last month or last year. Hence this app News picks popular articles of a website in a time range we specify. For example, techcrunch has 292,172 articles. But this app sorts all those articles based on popularity. This app is a a webview of


Do we have any open source software for doc,xls?


doc, xls are all closed proprietary formats that only Microsoft could read and write. Of-course, people have reverse engineered. Microsoft also came up with pseudo-open OOXML formats like .docx, .xlsx, etc.,

The problem is as along as we stick to their formats, they will control the software. As long as they control the software, we will not have document freedom. That is why we should start using Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice and use .odt, .odp, .ods, document formats which are truly open standards.

More information: Open Document Format Website


  1. Use LibreOffice or OpenOffice
  2. Save and share documents in Open Document Formats.

Yes. LibreOffice works on Android as well.


First app concerning individual medical care for Women :

drip - Bloody Health
drip - Git


PlayStore இல்லாமல் Android பயன்படுத்த முடியுமா? | Can We Use Android without PlayStore? | DeGooglify

Android செயலிகளை உருவாக்குபவர்கள் அதனை Google-ன் PlayStore சர்வர்களில் பதிவேற்றம் செய்வர். அதனை தரவிறக்கம் செய்து நிறுவி பயன்படுத்த விரும்புபவர்கள் பொதுவாக தங்களின் சாதனத்துடன் வரும் Google PlayStore செயலியின் மூலம் பயன்படுத்துவர். Google PlayStore செயலி, Google கணக்கு இல்லாமல் உள்ளே அனுமதிப்பதில்லை. அப்படியெனில் PlayStore இல்லாமல், Google Account இல்லாமல் Android இயங்குதளத்தை பயன்படுத்த முடியாதா?

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