FSFTN Community Projects for College Students


Hi People,

We at FSFTN have been guiding College students for community projects on various domains regularly.This year also we can do things of such kinds where we take up community requirements and guide students to take up tasks and complete it as a project.
Kindly share your ideas and community requirements so that we compile everything and conduct some internship kind of thing.Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Thank You


Maybe something like GSOC?
We need people well versed in specific technologies first to guide them through.


There is a projects mailing list which can be acceded here .

We also had a partial successful project internship list here which we tried out in 2014 .

Its better to suscribe to the projects list rather than the 2014 list . This would help us stream line our energy and connect those who actually love to do projects and those who are willing to guide them in the respective areas .