FSFTN Discussion Forum - Welcome Message


Hello, and welcome to the future of online discussions.

There is no end to online discussions these days. Most of us get our views from various sources on the net. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the opinions of today’s youth are mainly formed through online interactions. And this is not just serious stuff! We also mean trolling sites and fake news and confession pages and memes and all the beautiful stuff that keeps us hooked to the net.

But, here is a question.

Are these forums where we discuss things - FB, Twitter, comments on web pages etc meant for discussions?

After all, they are meant to showcase other things, for other kinds of communication. The discussions are usually a side-product. What if, sometimes, you feel the need to be in a place where the main aim is discussion - serious or funny or angry discussions? A place where you can bring your doubts and your jokes and your concerns and share it with LIKE-MINDED people.

That is what discuss.fsftn hopes to be.

We are building a network, a community.

Think of a banyan tree under which people earlier would sit and talk about all kinds of things. And, some would jump from one topic or group to another.

Once again, welcome to the future of discussions online! Have fun, exploring :wink:

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Hi bro thanks for the welcome message