FSFTN Library - Koha ILMS


Hi All,

Its time to move on to the next step.So far now we have some interested members replying back.Before starting, we need to have some basic requirements setup.

What are we going to do?

  • Setting up Koha in fsftn server space
  • Using a subdomain library.fsftn.org
  • Cataloging all the books in our Office
  • Administration from Remote
  • Spreading Koha to all the libraries in our nearby villages who cannot afford an ILMS
  • Taking part in Koha Community activities
  • Forming a team with us to work for the same :slight_smile:

What are the requirements?

  • Operating System - CentOS,Ubuntu (preferably CentOS is better)
  • Koha Package (Folder)
  • Firefox is efficient for Koha
  • Basic Dev Setup

What are the benefits?

  • The possibility of entering a government institution by FSFTN
  • Taking Knowledge Commons to the next level by digging deeper into Open Access
  • Entering into DSpace (Institutional Repo to access digital resources)

Step by Step Process

  • The first step would be setting up Koha in our Laptop and trying it out
  • The basic feature such as Administration,Cataloguing and Patrons
  • Then we can have a session at our office at T.Nagar on further doubts and clarifications
  • We can allocate work among interested people for Cataloguing our FSFTN Books
  • Have Fun :slight_smile:

Communicating Source

  • We can have most of the discussions in the Mailing list
  • Telegram
  • Voice Call in Hangouts (Or any other FOSS alternative)
  • We need to decide the communicating media with the interested people for quick reply

Important Links

That’s it.We can have interactions and doubts in this thread or also in a new thread.Kindly reply back so that we can create a group and start working with doubts and other issues.

Thank You !

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