FSFTN Mapathon - OSM Geo Week in Tamil Nadu


Hello Community,
FSFTN is organizing a Mapjam Activity where you would map places around you upon contributing to OpenStreetMap. This event is a week-long mapathon starting from Nov 12th to Nov 17th. Participants will contribute to OpenStreetMap for the whole week. We maintain a Leaderboard which displays the top contributor for this week in the Mapathon.

For more details:-

  1. https://fsftn.org/blog/fsftn-mapathon-map-places-on-the-go/
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1893356567358347&id=196173157076705
  3. http://osm-leaderboard.fsftn.org/

Happy Mapping :slight_smile:

A Community activity for the Commons

The Mapathon is complete and it went great with around 40+ Contributors and over 15000 Edits to OpenStreetMap. More details here.