FSFTN Office Space to Hacker Space - Ideas needed


As many of you know , we have our office in T.Nagar . Most organisations and communities run their wokshops or talks or discussions in rented places . But , even in the early stages of our movement , we struggled hard to get a office for FSFTN .It has nearly outlived the actual use of it , when small number of people used to meet and a residential place with sharing accomodation would suite. Now its ideally a time when we try to transform it into a hackerspace . In 6 months time ( an ideal time frame to search for what we want , instead of settle for what we get) we can move to a new place or find something new or even turn this place into a nice hacker space .Ideas are welcome .


Thanks for bringing this topic @commons_sibi. Hackerspace / Makerspace is very much needed for FSFTN. We should first try to look for good physical space with proper natural lighting and good ambiance.

We can take architecture design inspiration from existing maker / hacker spaces world wide. Personally, I have always envisioned a space like the following

Things, I would look for in such a space

  1. A hackers hall like the one seen in above pictures with lengthy benches than benches consuming more width.
  2. A library / book stack.
  3. Bean bags :wink:
  4. A white board (we already have) to brainstorm.
  5. Wallpapers of inspiring leaders and quotes like how Swecha has.

Will add more when I think about it.


A wall art of some kind would be inspiring, may be a wall art of RMS.

A huge table, multiple power-strips, we can attach them with double sided tape to the bottom roof of the table.

Cable drops to route the cables so that people do not trip.

A vacuum cleaner. ( For the neat freaks ).

Mouse pads ( For those inkscape and blender geeks ).

A small sapling for feng shui.

A raspberry pi and a decently large monitor to make a digital calendar ( Follow Instructables ).

An amazing router with dd-wrt or open-wrt support.

A cappuccino machine.


@commons_sibi, @prashere, i really dont know how i missed this discussion…

really sad i was not during the initial talks.

To be honest, was expecting such talks from our folks. And thanks @commons_sibi have initiated.
I would like to help along with other hardware/software/spectrum hackers to makeup the hackerspace.

the practical problems are:

  • Real estate space (rent)
  • Area, Location (easy access to hardware stores, workshops, etc… )
  • Ambience, Floor planning as said by @prashere
  • Tools tools tools… which we can share spares with ourselves… and purchase ones that aren’t avail.
  • Some well evolved hackerspaces also go to the extent of having their own seeding machines & instruments. (However lets not imagine it now.)
  • Internet (Mesh possibly :wink: ), House keeping things as purforth by @sudarsan.bhargavan94.
  • art inspirations - we have people for that - which is really important as that it influences peoples mind and has great contributions towards peoples inspiration and contribution
  • from what i have learned from other hackerspaces and hackerspace initiations in other regions of earth, they have followed a set of governance model to look after and maintain the integrity of the space itself, avoiding exploitation of the facilities, etc… which can only be discussed during a eyeball meet.

unfortunately i cant share resources which are in my laptop, which is really in coma stage now, and have been admitted to Intensive Care Unit. Once i got hands on it… i will share all the resources i have planned and imagined… :slightly_smiling:



Yes. There is a big need for a Hackerspace in chennai. It can be a common for other Free software related communities to conduct meetings.We can have guidelines for which communities can use the space.

Vikas from Hamaralinux told me once that he can sponsor some money for this space. We can ask for more donations from individuals, communities and companies.

Dreaming this for around 2 years.


On searching this topic, found a site about makerspace near my home, tambaram.

Will visit them and check how they operates.


FSFTN Office has been shifted from OMR to T.Nagar with more space for Community Meetups, Discussions, Studio, Library and lots more.

Please find the updated address here - https://fsftn.org/blog/contact/#head-office-address


This thread is still relevant and can be tweaked keeping the current Office Space in mind. Hackerspace, Tools, Computers, Books, Kitchen, etc :slight_smile: