FSFTN Software Freedom Day 2K18 - Call for Participation (Sep 23rd)


Hello Everyone,

Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu (FSFTN) has planned to celebrate Software Freedom Day (SFD) in Chennai on 23rd Sep 2018.

Software Freedom Day is an event where Free Software Enthusiasts, Students from College and Schools, Common Public, Researchers, etc come together to share, discuss, debate and demonstrate on various topics including FOSS, Free Culture, Hardware, Tools, etc. Various stalls relating FOSS will be put on for exhibition on the day. Over the past years, this has been a major event for the FOSS Communities all over the world to take FOSS to the people and exhibit its capabilities.

This time, FSFTN is planning to celebrate SFD in the 3rd week of September. We are calling out for stalls from interested people to be put up on the day. It will be a One Day celebration of the event. We invite all the GLUGs, FOSS Communities, College Students, Researchers, etc to share their ideas and suggestions for the event and to put up a stall of their own during the event. Any talk of fewer than 15-20 minutes is also welcome for the day.

Those who are interested to put a Stall on the event, Please Register here - https://fsftn.typeform.com/to/imx9ce

Also, we are looking out for Sponsors/Donations for the event to carry over the expenses for Venue Arrangements, Food for Volunteers, Travel and other Management related stuffs for the day. Do let us know in the email provided below, if you would like to Sponsor/Donate for the Event.

Email - balaji@fsftn.org

More updates on the event will be coming soon.