FSFTN Tamil Tech Podcast Thread


Hello all,

We have a Tamil Tech Podcast series. The recording sessions will be Bi-Weekly (1st and 3rd Weekends in a month). We send out reminders on when the recording is going to happen in Chennai Regional GLUG Telegram group, so that people interested can also participate in the podcast sessions.

Links to Podcasts Released so far:
Episode 1
Episode 2

Note: The podcasts are released under Creative Commons License, so that they can be used and shared by everyone.

List of Podcasts and Episodes

Great. A Thread for all the Podcasts :heart_eyes:


Please set up an Atom feed so that people can subscribe to the podcast and receive updates easily.



I don’t use Telegram much, what other way to get notified ?

How to participate on podcast remotely ? (I am away from capital city :grin:)


The Web link to epsiode 1 is not accessible


Suppose to be this :


Ah sorry @noorul we were moving some stuff on the server broke the old link. I have updated the thread with the working link to the first episode. Do try it and give your comments.
Thanks :slight_smile:


We are still working on those things, we will notify in this thread once we have some solutions to provide those services.


What you guys are working on ?


I’ve listened to first espiode when Balaji shared the link on chat room a week ago


We’ve got a feedback regarding the Podcast sent to ask@fsftn.org

Your Podcast is really good I enjoyed a lot.

However, I found difficulty in hearing all of your voices clearly.
being a podcast, it is generally expected to be clear and loud enough. Probably each person should have a dedicated mike for better voice quality




I’ve numerous feedback/suggestion for podcast too.

But taking it slow for the contributors to get going for now.


For quick words on separate microphone for each speaker, we yet to know their set up.

If a photograph taken while podcast session, then we will have clue and suggest accordingly…


The first episode was recorded with a Zoom mic. We kind of understood why it was called zoom mike only after we recorded the session :sweat_smile: . (It basically pics up the voices we point it towards to better)
And our recording setup varies between our mobile phones and a Zoom mic (based on availability).

The thing we ware working on is just figuring out a way to record online speakers, I have seen that discord call voice record quality is just superb. About 2 of the podcasts that I know use them. So if thats ok we can go with that.


I got this via email from a listener named Prashant, we could possbily try to do this in our future sessions. @noorul @Balvis what do you think about it? Like how else do you think we can add to or improve our sessions?

I would be interested in contributing to this podcast in any form
possible. However, if we are to work on a podcast together, it will have
to be online.

I was thinking, first half of it we could possibly describe the
difference between free software and open source or something else that
is basic. In the future speak about creative commons licenses, why
licenses matter, etc. Second half of it we can stick to similar
conversations you are already having.

Another thing I had in mind was to post it on some podcast aggregators
such as Spotify and Luminary. Although they aren’t free software, they
are good media to reach a lot of people.


This would require a web page to be hosted some where right? Do you have any tips or suggestions on simple ways do it?


oh. Zoom mic is to point the microphone towards audio source. It is useful when shooting video.

mobile phone audio recorder is fine choice.

environment plays role on recording too. Fan sound, out side sounds would be recorded too.

With good microphone can used for good sound pick up and background noise cancelling.


I don’t get the last part about Online speaker recording or Discord call. May be little explanation would be fine.


Regarding listener’s feedback, @123survesh,

Good thing, that they are interested in contribution towards the podcast. Appreciated.

I too be interesting in recording by connecting Online too. At the moment, I’ve no idea how to get implement the methods.

You can structure the content of podcast in any format as suggested. whether dividing into parts, or what are the topics to be discussed. I’ve nothing to suggest on the content/topic yet.

Regarding podcast distributing channel like Spotify/Luminary, we shouldn’t be encourage non FOSS services. But to out reach to mass, we can use these as secondary platforms.

Primary podcast distributing platforms, can via Funkwhale, open.audio, archive.org.
Even we can export audio in video format with an image as background and share the podcast(in .mp4) to social network like Mastodon/Pleroma & Peertube, video sharing channel.


Listened to 2 episodes of podcast today. It was fun. I enjoyed listening to your conversations. Do invite different persons and talk about their FOSS experiences and how do they relate with FOSS and Digital Freedom. Phone conversation or online conversation are also a good thing for recording and then editing out.

I missed Barathi’s voice on 2nd episode. Please do represent Female voices as well. I personally would like to hear female voices in all podcasts too.


I am not sure which one are you referring to.

If you are asking a way to distribute podcasts require Web page or hosting, for starter, we may go with distribute/share on platform like Funkwhale etc which I’ve mentioned.

An other way to distribute is with offering Atom/RSS feed (which is XML file) which listeners subscribe to it. Newly added podcasts can be notified them.