FSFTN Tamil Tech Podcast Thread


Is that you @prashantbarca :wink: ?

Yes. correct. Not just a web page, but a RSS/ATOM feed structured for podcasts. There exists self-hosting web apps, but we are already self-hosting multiple services. I will see if we can somehow statically generate feeds and host a static page pointing to episodes so that people can subscribe to our podcast via their apps and get notified as new episodes appear.


Indeed. I assumed this conversation vaporized into thin air. Glad there was a discussion!


any update on this month pod cast ?


Hi @noorul, we were occupied with organizing workshops in the past weeks. Then we kind of took a break. Now we are all ready and we will possibly have a podcast recording session this weekend at FSFTN office.

@noorul @prashere @prashantbarca @Balvis @arunisaac do tell if you will be free this Saturday for the podcast, lets discuss the agenda for the podcast and also try to record with phone call for long distance participants!


Thanks for the reply @123survesh.

Good that you all spent time on workshop

I am at near Thanjavur so what the options to participate on this week podcast ? remotely.


I would say I can do anytime before 11 am IST on Saturday, or after 6 pm IST.


One thing we must address is the RMS allegations and his resignation. Several women have come out and said he made the environment toxic and was rude.


Hi folks, the event will be this Saturday around 11AM. Those who can come, the session will be recorded at FSFTN office in Tnagar.

For the remote participants, I will share the phone number of the Podcast host, (Rocky) @Radhakrishnan - 9677720447 . There will be a conferrence call.

Some tips for the remote participants is that,

  • send your phone number in advance to either me or Rocky, we will call you
  • try to be in a place with good cell reception
  • use a headset of some sort and don’t use speaker phone to avoid echo, as the people at the live session will be having the conference call on speaker.
  • make sure that you record your voice on your end during the call, so that we can aim for better audio quality by mixing all the audio and not use the audio from speaker.

Sorry @prashantbarca, the meet will start around 11AM, do see if you can join. We will try to update on the timings sooner next time, so that you can plan ahead.

Please do contact me or Rocky for more information regarding the podcast this weekend


Today, we’d podcast recording session.

Host was Radhakrishan, Uma & myself (joint remotely).

We cover a few topics:

  • about aadhaar verification for Facebook account

  • Richard stallman resignation

  • new Inkscape beta version


Last weekend podcast editing session …

slow progress