FSFTN Work Report - September 2017


Viluppuram SFD Discussion -
Venue for SFD on 14th Oct 2017 has been approved by University College of Engineering Viluppuram. FSFTN has provided a request letter to the Dean of UCEV.

Trichy Volunteers Meet -
Meeting with volunteers from both Trichy and Karaikudi happened in Trichy on 1 st Oct 2017. Discussed about Free Software, People and Technology, Community, Politics, etc.

Salem SFD Discussion -
Free Software Discussion, GNU/Linux OS Installation, SFD Planning happened with active volunteers. Different work groups were divided and work was alloted among the volunteers for SFD preparation. Discussion happened on 1st Oct 2017 at Salem.

Chennai Regional GLUG -
A regional GLUG in Chennai was initiated and meeting was happened among the active volunteers in Chennai. A Telegram group was created to organise the volunteers in Chennai. Further meetings and work plans will happen. Happened on 1st Oct 2017 in Chennai.

SFD in Puducherry (FSHM) – Software Freedom Day was celebrated in Puducherry at Petite Seminaire Higher Secondary School. Students and common people attended the event and preparations went live on Facebook. SFD preparations happened at Maitri, a public space in Puducherry. Happened on 1 st Oct 2017 at Puducherry.

Core Meeting -
FSFTN Core Volunteers meeting happened at Chennai at New FSFTN Office at OMR Road. Many discussions and conclusions were made regarding the progress of the organization and reports were submitted. Two day Core Meeting happened on 23 rd and 24 th Sep 2017.

SFD Planning by SWIFT -
Swift Meeting happened at 24 th Sep 2017 . OSM Session was planned and SFD Preparations discussion also happened. Planning for SFD on 8 th Oct 2017. Still Venue and stalls not yet confirmed.

CEG GLUG SFD Celebration -
Coordinated with CEG GLUG for the SFD preparations and gave talks about Philosophy, Knowledge Freedom and provided suggestion on future roadmap for the GLUG. Happened on 16th Sep 2017.