Google Tez - Thinking from an Activist Perspective


Google Tez

  • Surrendering the country’s entire economic habits into the hands of the monopoly (Google)
  • Previously, the digital transaction market was in the hands of banks, apps related to it, PayTM, Chillr, etc.
  • Then came Payment Banks from PayTM, Airtel and slowly as always the entire industry followed it
  • People were manipulated by the digital economy they are put in their hands with
  • Google meanwhile saw a market in India waiting to be utilized at its peak. In capitalist terms, we call it as Resources, Exploitation
  • It enters into the market overthrowing all the other dominant competitors available.
  • In Economics, there is always a Fixed Capital and a Variable Capital as stated by Karl Marx
  • Here in this case of Google Tez, the fixed capital is Offers, Free Money, Cashback, etc. These are to attract the customers and make them surrender themselves to it. This way it captures the market, take its part in the Indian Economy and becomes a day to day habit.
  • And the most horrible thing to hear is, In this plan, the variable capital is the People who are using it. Capitalism will try to exploit them to produce data, submit themselves to it, make their transactional behavior available to it.
  • What will happen next?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • I don’t think so
  • Its just a development in technology
  • The above points are the representations from a common man. In this Capitalist era, we are becoming the marketing agent for the Capitalist class without even ourselves knowing it, paid for it.
  • I remember people in my office coming to me and talking about Google Tez to me and trying to make me install it. This what I call as aggressive marketing without even instructions given to you. They do this because they get a cash back.
  • What will happen next is that, If wear to use Tex for a period of the year, by the time Google would have known about the entire transaction habits of each and every Common man in India using the app.
  • Now comes the part, you can target ads, promotions, market your product based on what people spend the most in this region, what people don’t like, which goes well, what’s not. How much is this guy spending a month? On what? Why? Google will have answers to all these questions.
  • It will sell this data to other Capitalists, Markets who are trying to explore the situation here. Capitalism helps its own kind.
  • Google has enough funds to research on more or less anything. But think of the situation of the small markets here, minimal banking apps which depend only on the app to produce income for them.
  • Many problems are invloved in it.
  • Need to discuss, debate and take action as a community.


any alternative free software available for this ?


solving corruptive financial instruments that swirls commons to one dependency will not solve the problem. moreover, the rise of crypto-currency with potentially greed leveraged financial transaction that heavily relies on distrust - like bitcoin and derivates - actually creates more damage for economy and environment that the fiat currency.

with main and huge players jumping into the financial transaction changes nothing in the current economic activity - apart from improving reliable service and making commons much more dependent upon their service - which serves the stakeholders monopoly as a whole.

On the otherhand, having different instruments like gnutaler, or a completely alternative economic system like Faircoop, that has a trust, labour and creation based economic system utilizing hacked cryptocurrency will do better than any other system i have seen.

Only by taking and strategizing the functionality of currently corrupted systems (State, financial, banking, communications, …) with alternatives we can speak of change.