Government makes Aadhaar mandatory for minority scholarships - HC questions government on legality


Another stealth attempt to impose Aadhaar system and widen the surveillance net - minority scholarships.

This caused hardships to children who did not have Aadhaar and hence a charitable trust has file a PIL in West Bengal. They argue that since people from poor backgrounds do not have Aadhaar or the means to obtain it, they are left out, leading to discrimination. This action by government is also against Supreme Court order that Aadhaar should only be made voluntary.

This is a side issue (though valid), but the main injustice of Aadhaar card is that it is a mass surveillance system.



If we(everyone) understands that, whatever a government establishment, or any power structure says and promulgates or enforces as a law, it can be invalidated by and through democracy itself.

Thanks for being watchful @solariiknight. This country has massing manipulation channel between the people and the justice + constitution. PIL, RTI, outcry, innovative demonstrations seems to be the last resort for us.


Though the Supreme Court has explicitly ruled that UID cannot be made mandatory, this government and its offices are proceeding as though they never heard of the ruling.


Yeah, @arunisaac that drives me nuts. The Union of India, its executive and legislature behaves as though People & SC never existed and assume always has the power to write whatever it needs in the constitution.

Can we say we have reached a tyrannical stage now ? Shall we say it has become a double agent ? or shall we consider that it is bending its back slowly and slowly to facilitate the rear stander for a favourable position ?

I always wonder, why should people abide such a gov. establishment that disrespects people, court & violating liberty - possibly in all perspectives. Furthermore, why should my life be influenced by such a government that disrespects supreme court, why should not we disrespect a governance structure and establishment that disrespects the supreme court, that violates constitutional liberty ???

Is it not in a state where instead of driving away ignorance, from the people - seems to take advantage of it and leverage on it to transform the ignorance potential into parameters for control and subjugation, in the name of stability, regulation, development, security ???

New Category for Surveillance and Privacy

I wouldn’t say it has become tyrannical, not yet! India has not yet become a Turkey where rules are imposed and dissent suppressed by iron hand. If it is tyrannical, then perhaps TRAI would have imposed totally anti-net neutrality rules. Also the daft (draft) policy in encryption last year wouldn’t have been withdrawn in a day.

Aadhaar doesn’t have enough people to oppose it, unlike net neutrality. In fact most adults (98%) have passively swallowed it without considering the harm. So we should work on building awareness, which is a huge uphill task. Busting common myths like “Aadhaar will help reduce corruption” and so on


Our common understanding of democracy is a myth. What we really have is plutocracy – rule of the rich. If UID is profitable to somebody, it will happen regardless of the costs to everybody else.

Maybe, we can patch up our current “democracy” here and there, to make it closer to the ideal. Or, maybe, we cannot. Maybe, only a total overthrow of the system will suffice. I don’t know. But, whatever may be the answer, we will not get anywhere without spreading awareness and politicizing the masses. Any attack on the state or the system, at this point, will only result in total failure. The people are too divided and too preoccupied with their own selfish pursuits. We need to fix that first. And, it’ll take a lot more than just free software to do it.

What does this news article mean - "Legal backing to Aadhaar notified, NDA free to use it for government schemes"?

exactly, more than free software or free whatever. That is the daring truth which not much people are not speaking. Mostly people pursuit freedom or liberty or whatever egalitarian virtue that is, instead of living it up. Social movements provide a space for that. But as @arunisaac, said, how are we going propagate awareness and politicizing masses, would taking that as a mission could do it ?

We already knew well, that any attack or motive to attack the system will result catastrophe. People are educated to not understand the fabric, if i am right, we are built with ignorance - may or may not be intentions of the system. For instance, referring the directive principles of state policy in constitution, makes the constitution and democracy living. When it rejected, the very instance, credited for plutocracy. For all i know, people are being played with “hijacked words” & they are already kept super busy to even look beyond those words - and become part of the word wars itself. Same thing goes for financial dependency.

By the way, the system is itself the collection of ideas of governance and the people itself executing it, experiencing it, ruling it, ruled by it… So when spreading awareness is taken as a mission, will it not be a attack on the stability of system itself ? Will it not react against such spreading ? - the same way it rejects critical thinking.