Govt. of India digging grave to the freedom of speech?


In the past we have been raising awareness on all our events regarding the need to counter Mass Surveillance. We cite the PRISM program of the NSA and other programs from GCHQ, etc., Whenever we speak Internet Democracy, Freedom of Speech becomes inevitable.

As an organization, we have always been fighting against the suppression of Freedom of Speech online. A recent news I read today online states that the Government of India is trying to build an software platform that performs analysis on users and build a profile on them to counter negative news.

The question we need to raise here are,

  1. What is a negative news?
  2. If someone (or) some organization points out the ineffectiveness of a ruling class, the government may consider it negative for them. But that’s how democracy is supposed to work by pointing out mistakes, in-effectiveness. How can someone pointing out the mistake of the government gives government the right to target & surveil them?
  3. Instead of focusing on the credibility or finding out the truthiness of the news, is it right to assault an individual?
  4. Even if the Software platform they build is released under a Free Software License (let’s assume), is it moral / ethical to have such software platform that tracks it’s own citizens? Is that a Free Society?

In past, we have organized Cryptoparty to help people getting started on securing their communication online and we would continue to do so. But those are for private and personal one to one conversation, this is about the people of country speaking about their government.

Should the citizens be subjected to surveillance for speaking about government? What do you think?


Return of the draconian IT ACT 66A which we all fought and repealed.