Has the age of Quantum Computing began?



My interpretation of Quantum Computing :slight_smile:

Right from the beginning of the computing era (I mean the analog computing using linear and nonlinear circuits that can sum, diff, divide, multiply, log, anti-log, differentiate, integrate, etc…) that can produce outputs for problems interpreted in the form of mathematical equations (algebraic, ODE, PDE).

Quantum physics have always been played a significant role in constructing electron devices (electronics students can essentially remember Schrödinger equation and cat… :slight_smile: )

But I have to accept that the mathematical models and new kind of mathematics invoked to understand the unusual properties of quantum realm, have been understood to a degree - that helps us only to construct novel electron devices. Thus, from there we constructed linear (operational amplifiers) and non-linear computers (which later gave way to modern day digital computers).

Which means, so far have not seen that these interpretations of quantum mechanical nature have never been directly used for computation or in computing science. If not, please enlighten me on it.

But some times abstract applications like chaos theory, complexity theory, AI, have been using these models as a means to find often optimal solutions.

Google’s sycamore seems to be an additional class of computer that works with quantum devices (which directly uses quantum or subatomic properties of electron or photon).

My worry is, will it be a guarded secret recipe ? The making of actual computer hardware itself ? Already computing world is facing with proprietary computing architectures, which further propel proprietary devices, because it is easier to hide the hardware circuits through miniaturization. On one hand currently VLSI, ULSI offers denser components and circuitry and memory devices, which this is exploited to burn ill-function logic that can hold the power of eaves-dropping, to serious security flaws in design, or even surveillance, or can route control to peripheral devices directly to the external systems bypassing the local processor/controller, for example, like in smartphone - sim card interaction.

With such systems in practice, how come we are going to encounter algorithms and devices, designs that hold such immense computing power from view of scientific transparency ?

Prabhir, says that these are currently designed to solve one particular problem. AI, ML Fetishism has already breached similar statement and trying to provide solutions in terms of pseudo ML, AI even to switch off/on devices.

I suggest, those who are interested in learning about statistics, and its relation with intelligence can read :
Book of Why, by Judia Pearl.

The popular mental model is that whenever there is a discussion happening around AI, ML, Quantum computing immediately there is a extension for prediction and causation.

I do not wish to change the course of the discussion question. But we need to think about the real ramifications. Is it ok to call to it is a beginning of a new era ?