HTTPS for this forum


It would very good for this forum to be served through https. Considering Airtel’s new capabilities to mess with http streams, I would consider it a major security issue. Also, recent site take downs by the Department of Telecommunications are http stream level, and are no longer based on DNS redirecting. And, of course, there are a hundred more reasons why https is good. I’m pretty sure you are already aware of all that. So, I won’t elaborate on that.

startssl provides free (gratis) certificates. They could be an option. Let’s Encrypt is coming soon, but it’s not ready yet, I think. Please consider, and make haste. This is quite important.


Let’s Encrypt looks very legit and good. We can probably wait for it.


http for this forum also means that during login and new user registration, passwords are transmitted in plain text? I hope there is at least some hashing being done.


Discourse is a freesoftware, you can check it’s source code and find it. I am sure it is well made, it is lead by some of the smartest people in the planet.


Let’s Encrypt says it’ll be ready for general use on September 14, 2015.

I hope so too.


A similar discussion in another discourse powered forum…


@aravinthk please check here, and see what can be done.


I’ll look into it and let you know soon


Yup https would be great. It would work well on Ice cat browser which I use.


Hi @arunisaac, I have been following Let’s Encrypt like 6 months and was waiting for them to go public. The reason why we were not able to install SSL Certificates was not a technical difficulty, rather it’s a finanical difficulty (There are gratis services like startssl, but when I saw Let’s Encrypt, We thought we can wait). I have always wanted to ensure all the online platform from FSFTN to use HTTPS by default, as a community organization funding plays a major role.

Thanks for reminding again. My suggestion would be to wait and proceed with Let’s Encrypt.


3 months more for Let’s Encrypt to be ready. A little bit of a long wait for me. But, yes, let’s wait. Hopefully, they will be on schedule and deliver. So far, they seem to have done well. We’ll see.


I think it’s stupid to wait when it comes to security. Let’s get a TLS certificate up and running from StartSSL. Gratis certificates for now. @aravindgd, let’s get started and do what needs to be done.


Would appreciate help. I am caught up with some work right now. I cannot do this rightaway. @aravinthk or @yogesh. Can you guys help?


Yea, Okay. Somebody who represents FSFTN, like @welkin or @commons_sibi, should register for StartSSL: Use Express Lane and register. That’s the first step. Then I am assuming they’d login to the control panel and then create a free cert.


I’ll take care of enabling https once we get the certificate.


Let’s Encrypt has been around for more than a month now. It’s very easy to use. Please set up https as soon as possible.


I am on it. Will do it.


Finally it’s done. This forum is now served in HTTPS by default and the certificates are authorized by Let’s Encrypt. Closing this discussion thread.



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